Caterpillar is a global player in the genset business: manufacturing and distributing generators with different brands

  • The Dealers have direct access to CoolSales, allowing them to interact in a single system with stock, configurations, opportunities, marketing data and pricing
  • EasyPower is the CPQ solution built on top of CoolSales. One solution to offer simplified journeys for dealers and end customers

Guarantee flexibility to Internal Users and Dealers on a global scale

Solution pillars

  • Effective Customer Journey to boost the online lead generation process both for FG Wilson and CAT
  • Map on line flows according to specific personas’ needs and behaviors
  • Accelerate the company internal learning process
  • Provide a clearer understanding of market performances

Key features

  • Front end retail web available for dealer network
  • Dealer experience for WalkIn customer
  • Salesforce integration
  • Stock Management
  • Inventory Hub cross dealers to facilitate Gen Set fulfilment cross geographies
  • Compare and request a genset