Fuel delivery

Enoc Link Open Innovation

In the growing scenario of the product delivery system, Enoc Link has opened the doors to a new market segment: the fuel delivery

  • From Design Thinking for concept definition to E2E platform implementation
  • Increase uptime, maximise traceability, optimise fuel consumption

Fuel delivery your business can trust

Solution pillars

  • From the request to the refueling moment, all the steps are monitored and checked
  • The control on each step, the data exchange and the asset recognition was possible thanks to specific tags installed both on the assets and on the refueling trucks
  • Coolshop has increased of the security standards on the fuel delivery
  • Through the integration of several data sources, the Coolshop platform allows the system to be independent in the recognition of the assets and the refueling process

Project structure

  • Installation of the tags on the assets
  • Creation of the wifi system on board
  • Design & build of a specific box to contain the components on board
  • Integration of the systems in order to talk each other, to store the data temporarily and to send the information to a dashboard
  • The digital enablers: Driver Mobile app, Customer App, Ops Dashboard