Cool Sales

One place solution simple to use for your sales network

  • Leads, Configuration, Stock, Price and Quote in one responsive interface
  • Full CRM capabilities & guided processes

Supports best practices to improve salesperson effectiveness

Adoption Benefits

  • Shoulder to Shoulder retail mode and live contextual help
  • Real time visibility on stock and parts keeps channel informed and able to answer on the fly
  • Price out units, identify costs and margin, add extra items and provide financial offers
  • Consinstent premium quality quotes across distributors and regions

Product configurator

  • Seamless experience online and offline
  • From product selection based on sales guys tribal knowledge to assisted selling
  • Product filtering based on technical data
  • Key selling argument, extended contents customisable via CoolPim

Sales Solutions

Big Enough to Tackle Tough Problems, Small Enough to Work Directly With You
We enjoy a good, collaborative working relationship with Coolshop and their team. We meet multiple times a week, to review progress, address issues, and discuss how the product is being utilized. By doing this, the needs of our customers are represented- and Coolshop's responsiveness has been very good. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the collaboration is the "extra". Sometimes this means delivering a day early, sometimes it is delivering an additional feature for free, but in almost every case there is a little extra mixed in to enhance the working relationship.
John V.
Sr. Global Product Manager