Collect used vehicle listings from Dealers

  • The integrated RMI solution for used vehicles management allows CNHi dealers to create listings and publish them on the CNHi remarketing portals.
  • CNH Industrial Remarketing Initiative (RMI) has the primary goal of improving used equipment management from both Dealer and CNH inventory.

Improve the turnover, margin and market penetration by steering the used equipment business throughout the distribution networks

Solution pillars

  • Establish a Remarketing system for all Industrial Brands
  • One common dealer platform
  • Branded websites
  • Integration with CNH reporting and CRM tools
  • Integration with leading third party listing sites
  • Integration with DMS systems
  • Links with supporting services that can enhance the dealer and customer experience

Key Features

  • User oriented design: Design UI and UX using the latest frameworks and 'agile' development methodologies
  • Content Driven: Provide a clean yet content rich environment, with images, videos and structured data
  • Responsive layout: one code base adapts to all platforms from desktop to mobile for universal accessibility.
  • Mobile Listing: Dealers can use the phone app to create listings and take pictures of products
  • Dynamic Filters: Advanced and easy to use filtering interface guides the user into the selection process and prevents empty pages or information overload
  • Focus on Integration: Easy DMS and remarketing portals integration
  • Social integration: Facebook listings on dealer’s page, social logins and sharing
  • User Profiling: Users groups have access to different product availability, pricing and conditions